Solar Panels

Clean underperforming solar panels with deionised water utilising a pure water cartridge exchange system.

Window Cleaning

Ion exchange cartridges or reverse osmosis water filters for commercial and domestic window cleaning. 

Food and Beverage

Ion exchange for water treatment in food and beverage process applications. Remove heavy metals and nitrates.

mixed bed ion exchange resin

Ion Exchange Resins

For the removal of ions from water, used in applications such as ultrapure water production, condensate polishing and detergent removal.

Popular with commercial and domestic window cleaning and solar panel cleaning industries when used in a vessel for direct purification of water.

Resinex™ MX-11 – Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Resin

Mixed bed resin is used to mostly to polish water and remove the last remaining minerals in the water to give the purest water possible. It contains both Cation and Anion resins, giving it its name, mixed Bed Resin. This make up allows it to trap most minerals and lower water to below 5 microsiemens.

nitrate reduction resin

Designed to remove elevated levels of Nitrates in raw water. Nitrate reduction Ion Exchange resin requires regeneration with a brine solution when capacity is reached.

Resinex™ NR-1 – Nitrate Reduction Resin

Resinex™NR-1 is a high purity, premium grade, strongly basic macroporous-type anion exchange resin, specially developed for selective nitrate removal from potable water in presence of high levels of sulphate. Resinex™NR-1 offers a superior operating capacity and an excellent selectivity to nitrate for economical treatment in co-flow and counter-flow systems.

Ion Exchange Resins

water softening resin

Ion Exchange Resins

A strong acid cation resin, suitable for a wide variety of drinking water treatment applications.

Resinex™ KW-8 – Strong Acid Cation Softening Resin

Resinex™ KW-8 has a light amber colour and is specially pretreated to remove taste, odour and colour throw. Resinex™ KW-8 meets the requirements of FDA regulation CFR section 21, 173.25, European ResAP (2004) 3 and WRAS BS6920.

Resinex™ is a high purity, premium grade, pretreated, strongly acidic gel-type cation exchange resin specially designed for residential drinking water treatment. The KW-8 is a bead type, cross linked, polystyrene divinylbenzene resin that offers excellent bead integrity and very low extractable.

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