Solar Panels

Clean underperforming solar panels with deionised water utilising a pure water cartridge exchange system.

Window Cleaning

Ion exchange cartridges or reverse osmosis water filters for commercial and domestic window cleaning. 

Food and Beverage

Ion exchange for water treatment in food and beverage process applications. Remove heavy metals and nitrates.

di vessels for solar panel and window cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning Kit

Vessel containing mixed bed resin. Ideal for cleaning solar panels or windows. Using only high quality mixed bed resin for the direct purification of water.

Passage of raw water at the correct flow rates will achieve complete (99.9%) of dissolved solids.

The expected outlet quality (dependent upon reasonable quality feed) would be between 1 and 0.1 microsiemens.

DI Vessel 1DI Vessel 2DI Vessel 3DI Vessel 4DI Vessel 5
Flow Rate Max (l/h)7501500200030003500
Outlet QualityTypically 12+ megOhm when fed with <100 us/cm water = 0.08ms
Media Volume (Ltrs)15254075100
*Capacity of unit (Ltrs)150025005000750010,000
Min / Max Pressure (bar)2-82-82-82-82-8
Vessel Height / Diameter8" x 35"10" x 35"10" x 54"13" x 54"14" x 65"
Vessel Weight (kg)20304890115
IL / OL Connection1" BSP F/M1" BSP F/M1" BSP F/M1" BSP F/M1" BSP F/M


EC3020 Mixed Bed Controller

EC3020 Mixed Bed Controller is  a universal controller for automatic monitoring and control of single or twin mixed bed cartridge filters where filter cartridges are exchanged by hand.

Mixed Bed Controller
User InterfaceMemory
Monochrome LCD display (16×2 characters)Programming will be stored and not be affected by power loss
Control through three internal keys
Language : English, French, German and Dutch
3x Input for potential free switchSuitable for wall mounting, IP65
1x Conductivity meter
2 powered relay outputs: Service valve 1 (fused 8A), Service valve 2 (fused 8A).24 VAC input / 24 VAC output
1 relay output (dry contact) : Alarm.115 VAC input / 115 VAC output
Conductivity Meter230 VAC input / 230 VAC output
Automatic range switching12 VDC input / 12 VDC output
Cell constants from 0,01 – 10,00 cm-124 VDC input / 24 VDC output
Range from 0,5 – 100.000 µS/cm depending on used cell
Manual temperature compensation
Capacitive cell

Basic Inline TDS Meter

A low cost Inline TDS Meter which simply clips onto the outlet from our cylinders and enables you to monitor the water quality from the outlet of your system.

Basic Inline TDS Meter

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